Eazypower Corporation at Chicago, IL

4010 West Belden Street, Chicago, IL, USA, 60639-3702
(773) 278-5000
Eazypower Corporation at Chicago, IL

Eazypower was founded in 1985, and with the worldwide patent on the Flex-A-Bit® in 1989, quickly expanded to encompass unique power tool accessories. Eazypower has established itself as a formidable competitor in the screwdriver tip and power tool accessory area.

In that short period of time, Eazypower has grown to provide the largest selection of Screwdriver tips in the industry, consistently outperforming the competition. Eazypower continues to grow in different categories of power tool accessories, such as Buffing & Polishing, Abrasives, Woodworking, High Quality Drill Bits, Sockets and various adapters.

More specifically, Eazypower has over 17,000 industrial quality screwdriver tips and related accessories in the program. This includes a vast array of new products, including the following drills: Step-Drills, Cobalt, Titanium, M-2 HSS, Masonry, Tapcon-type, Glass/Tile, Split Point, Spade Wood, Brad Point, all-purpose Carbide drill bits and many more. The Eazypower product line also includes a full Woodworking Program: Dowels, Rasps, Mounted Points, Grinding Wheels, Wire Brushes, Hole Saws, Polishing Kits and Countersinks just to name a few. Most recently, Eazypower added a second professional screwdriver tip line called the Isopro.

Eazypower tips are made from U.S. & European Tool Steels and are machined in Taiwan to strict specifications. The machining has taken place in the same factory for many years as a co-manufacturing process. Independent Tip Tests have proven that Eazypower's Isomax® Screwdriver Tips will outperform all other tips. Eazypower Products are produced both domestically and abroad, just as Irwin, Vermont American, and Black & Decker, Stanley, etc.

Eazypower Products are exported around the world to Latin America, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, Ireland, United Kingdom, Sweden, Canada, Iceland, Israel, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Africa.

Eazypower's Industrial Quality line, competitive pricing, consistently high level of service and creativeness are reflected in the continued double digit growth each year exceeding an above average increase of 43% per year. Eazypower Corporation makes its home in Chicago, in a 105,000 sq. foot Manufacturing Plant and warehouse.

Eazypower Representatives are located throughout the United States, Europe, Canada, Puerto Rico, South America and the United Kingdom. In summary, Eazypower is growing rapidly. This is due to Eazypower's high quality standards, quick shipping, high service standards and fill Levels, and a vast product selection. Eazypower has provided distributors with the opportunity to increase profit margins and sell a better quality product, in most cases for less money.