Northwest Ford and Sterling Truck center In Franklin Park, IL

4000 North Mannheim Road, Franklin Park, IL, USA, 60131
Northwest Ford and Sterling Truck center In Franklin Park, IL

TransChicago Truck Group is a leader in truck and truck related products and services. Our mission is to continually seek better ways of doing business in order to differentiate ourselves form our competitors. All of our activities are structured to recognize and exceed the expectations of our customers, allowing us to prosper as a business and to provide a reasonable return on our investment.

How we accomplish our mission is as important as the mission itself. Fundamental to success for the Company are these basic values.

Our people are the source of our strength. They provide our corporate intelligence and determine our reputation and vitality. Our people also provide the opportunity to distinguish ourselves from others in our business. They understand that when we place the best interests of our customers first, we will automatically serve the best needs of our employees, our suppliers and our Company.

Our products and services are the end result of our efforts, and they must be the best in meeting our customers' needs. As our products and services are viewed, so are we viewed.

Profits are the ultimate measure of how efficiently we provide customers with the best products and services for their needs. Profits are required to survive and grow.

We are a team. Cooperating with each other to achieve the complete and total satisfaction of our customers is the only way we will thrive, either individually or collectively. Teamwork must be nurtured within an atmosphere of trust and respect while encouraging personal growth within each individual employee.

We must work in partnership with our customers to understand their needs and earn their confidence. We must continually seek better ways of doing business; ways that differentiate and make us superior to our competition. We must communicate with our customers clearly and often.

To achieve customer satisfaction, the quality of our services and products must be our highest priority.

We must strive for excellence in everything we do our products, our services, our human relations, our competitiveness and our profitability.

Northwest Ford and Sterling Truck center In Franklin Park, ILThe Company must maintain mutually beneficial and respectful relationships with manufacturers, suppliers and other business associates.

The conduct of our Company must be pursued in a manner that is morally and legally responsible and commands respect for its integrity. Our doors are open to men and women alike without discrimination and without regard to ethnic origin or personal beliefs.